I created this site long time ago for other game community, so i decided to create a blog, forum about interesting things about Dota 2 or to share with you other stuff from my youtube channel.

Sice is to boring and will take to long to translate full site back to english only main page and the forum are dedicated to the community.

Like all forums we have rules, i hope you know them, if you don't that
is not my problem.

Steam will most likely raise prices in Europe on the 1/1/2015

This will apply to all digital services, including Steam, Origin, Uplay and others; steam is just marked as an example.

This is due to new EU legislation that takes effect the first January. The law basically means that steam and other services like origin, Uplay, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and others are forced to pay taxes to the country where the user buys the product or service from instead of where their company is.
As a example, Valve S.a.r.l. has their HQ in Luxemburg where the taxes are 3% or even lower due to a tax agreement (for more info check out Luxleaks), now if I try to buy something from Denmark then valve will need to pay 25% tax, which gives them a lower profit margin and thereby a reason to set higher pricing even when EU1 is around 25% more expensive than US.
Due to the difference of the tax amounts in different countries this might also force valve to do more regions, where maybe some of them are only populated by 1 country, this might also make them add several other currencies they don’t use at the moment.

Finde out more here.

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Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 Compendium

The Dota 2 Asia Champion which was discussed in the previous content analysis feature has had more content added which includes the preparation images for their upcoming Compendium release along with more updates to their Immortal items.

At the time of this post the Compendium hasn't been activated yet however the tournament itself will be free to watch in game on Dota TV and features a base prize pool of $250,000.
25% of the Compendium and Compendium Point sales will go directly towards the prize pool. The prize pool will freeze after Mon, 09 Feb 2015 00:00:00 GMT.

Finde out more here.

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The Shifting Snows Update 6.83

Here are some important changes:

First rune spawns are now both Bounty Runes that are twice as effective (50/50 gold/xp to 100/100)

Infest now allows you to control the unit you are in using a sub-ability

Darkness now sets all enemy vision to a maximum of 675, instead of reducing it by 25%
Darkness no longer pauses the day/night timer
Darkness duration from 40/60/80 to 50
Darkness cooldown reduced from 180/150/120 to 160/120/80

Meat Hook range increased from 700/900/1100/1300 to 1000/1100/1200/1300

Sonic Wave now does Pure Damage and affects Spell Immune
Sonic Wave damage reduced from 350/475/600 to 290/390/490 (Scepter reduced from 350/530/725 to 325/450/575)

Shrapnel no longer does damage to buildings
Shrapnel now has 3 charges with a 40 second replenish time
Shrapnel mana cost reduced from 120 to 50
Shrapnel duration increased from 9 to 10

Powershot travel range increased from 1825 to 2600
Powershot max damage is now dealt after 1 second channel instead of 0.7
Powershot cast point improved from 0.3 to 0
Reduced the area of the lingering vision at the end of Powershot from 800 to 400

Blink is no longer disabled if you take no damage (e.g. Spiked Carapace, Refraction, etc)

A courier carrying a non-full bottle will always be slowed

Diffusal Blade is no longer a Unique Attack Modifier
Multiple Manabreak type abilities do not stack

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Valve announced Source 2 engine for Dota 2

Visually, Source 2 currently looks very similar to Source 1. It appears that some Dota 2 spells have different particle effects in Source 2 and lighting seems a bit fancier, indicating there’s been some underlying tweaks to the engine, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t worry too much, though — as far as I can tell, the Source 2 version of Dota 2 is using the exact same assets as the Source 1 version (yes, this means Source 2 appears to be backwards compatible with Source 1 games). We won’t see any significant visual differences until developers/games target Source 2’s new features.

The Source 2 version of Dota 2 loads much, much faster than the Source 1 version. It also feels snappier. I don’t know if this is entirely due to Source 2 (it could be down to some other changes in this alpha build of Dota 2), but it would make sense if that was the case. I also noticed, by looking at the Windows Task Manager, that this version of Dota 2 uses a 64-bit binary. Source has historically always been 32-bit. 64-bit Source 2 could partly explain why the game feels so snappy.

Finde out more here.

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The International Compendium

Contribute to The International’s overall prize pool while making tournament predictions and earning rewards as the total reaches each stretch goal. This year, you’ll earn even more rewards as you level up your Compendium by watching games, collecting player cards, and more. It’s the next-best thing to being there. Head over to the Compendium website for details.

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ESL One in a football stadium. Frankfurt

ESL is proud to present ESL One Frankfurt, which will bring eSports to a World Cup stadium in the largest Dota 2 event to date. On the 28th and 29th of June 2014, the Commerzbank-Arena will be transformed into a haven for Dota 2 fans where they watch the eight best teams in the world fight it out for a prize pool of more than US$150,000.

Two of those teams have already been decided, with International 3 finalists Alliance and Natus Vincere having been directly invited to the tournament and to compete in Frankfurt in front of thousands.

Finde out more here.

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[Showmatch] of Fight or Flight, the first competitive mod in Dota 2 history /w TobiWan, Bruno, Cyborgmatt, DotaCinema and others

Simplified Game Guide:
Fight or Flight (FoF) is a competitive Dota 2 mod based on advanced elements of CTF/CTP.
This mode is using a standalone map and will host the heores which are available in DotA2.
The scope of the mode is to reach a certain amount of points before your enemies. There are multiple means to reach this treshold, some more beneficial than others.

Finde out more here.

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"Free-to-play" misleading advertising in Europe

European Commission meets with devs to improve consumer protections, wants them to stop calling games free if they have in-app purchases

Complaints from consumers who unwittingly purchased in-game upgrades in free-to-play titles have become common enough that the European Commission is taking action on the matter. EC members are meeting with tech companies and national enforcement authorities today and tomorrow to go over concerns about consumer protections in the burgeoning market, the group announced today.

"Consumers and in particular children need better protection against unexpected costs from in-app purchases," consumer policy commissioner Neven Mimica said in a statement. "National enforcement authorities and the European Commission are discussing with industry how to address this issue which not only causes financial harm to consumers but can also put at stake the credibility of this very promising market. Coming up with concrete solutions as soon as possible will be a win-win for all."

The Consumer Protection Cooperation and EC member states have released a list of common positions on the subject, with misleading advertising at the top.

"The use of the word 'free' (or similar unequivocal terms) as such, and without any appropriate qualifications, should only be allowed for games which are indeed free in their entirety, or in other words which contain no possibility of making in-app purchases, not even on an optional basis," the group said.

Beyond that, the CPC and EC want developers to cut out any direct calls for purchasing in-game items (such as "Buy now!" or "Upgrade now!") in any title likely to appeal to children. On top of that, in-app purchases should not be made without the consumer's explicit consent, and all apps and app listings should prominently feature an e-mail address to which customers can direct questions before they decide to play or even download a title.

The EC has said the purpose of the meetings is to make sure there's a common understanding between authorities and game companies on these subjects, but said it will work with national consumer rights enforcement bodies to follow through with any action deemed necessary.

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